ATMO Europe reveals final hydrocarbons case studies

By Andreea-Mădălina Târcă, Aug 08, 2017, 10:00 2 minute reading

The ATMOsphere Review Panel has selected the final round of case studies from CAREL, Embraco and Tecumseh Products Company, to be presented at ATMOsphere Europe 2017.

Three new case studies from CAREL, Embraco and Tecumseh Products Company will be presented at the 8th edition of ATMOsphere Europe, which takes place in Berlin, Germany, on 25-27 September.

Over 350 industry experts will attend the three-day conference (two half-days and one full day) to discuss the latest policy and market trends and technological innovations in the natural refrigerants world.

A session dedicated to the German market is among this year’s highlights.

The presentations are:

CAREL | Exceptional performance and natural efficiency for beverage coolers by Giovanni Tonin

The beverage cooler segment is facing significant challenges expected from both regulations and beverage companies’ push to reduce environmental impact, due to the volumes and spread of these types of refrigeration units. This case study will present Heez, a high-efficiency solution for refrigerated merchandisers in which CAREL brings together and anticipates cutting-edge technologies to exceed the efficiency expectations of this market segment, ensuring incredible performance in both steady-state and pull-down modes.

This study presents the results achieved when using Heez, in terms of energy consumption, performance and environmental impact, in different energy classes and for different types of use.

Embraco | Next generation of 2HP compressors optimised for R290 by Marek Zgliczynski

The new SuperNJ hermetic compressor series with a cooling capacity of more than 2HP with a superior performance level will provide commercial refrigeration appliance manufacturers with an intelligent solution for upcoming Eco-Design Regulation, in line with the recent F-Gas Regulation in Europe and also considering expected charge limit modifications for flammable refrigerants.

It will be designed for optimum performance with ‘green’ HC refrigerant propane. Propane, as a natural refrigerant, plays a very important role in the on-going process of the HFC phase-down. Due to its excellent thermodynamic properties, it allows the design of super-efficient alternatives to the old HFC products. The article will present technical solutions adopted to reach both very high specific cooling capacities and top efficiency levels of its class, including comparative testing of specific applications. 

Tecumseh Products Company | Eco-friendly mini chiller for refrigeration

This case study will introduce an eco-friendly mini chiller using propane (R290) as the primary refrigerant and glycol as the secondary refrigerant. R290 has a high thermodynamic efficiency and uses 100% inverter motor compressors with a wide operating range, an inverter-driven pump (water flow control based on pressure) and brushless commutation fans.

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By Andreea-Mădălina Târcă

Aug 08, 2017, 10:00

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