ATMOsphere Europe presents new hydrocarbons case studies

By Andreea-Mădălina Târcă, Jun 19, 2017, 16:10 2 minute reading

The ATMOsphere Review Panel has selected new hydrocarbons case studies from Euroklimat and Huayi Compressor Barcelona to be presented at ATMOsphere Europe 2017.

New case studies from Euroklimat and Huayi Compressor Barcelona will be presented at the 8th ATMOsphere Europe conference, which takes place in Berlin, Germany, on 25-27 September.

Over 350 industry experts will attend the three-day conference (two half-days and one full day) to discuss the latest policy and market trends and technological innovations in the natural refrigerants world.

A session dedicated to the German market is among this year’s highlights.

The presentations are:

Euroklimat | R290 fluid chillers providing air conditioning for a cash & carry warehouse in Padua, Italy by Giulia Fava

Euroklimat offers a wide range of propane chillers for a variety of applications. The presentation will provide an opportunity to view an installation in Italy at one of the premier cash & carry chains, which has opted for a natural refrigerants solution to meet the demand for air conditioning throughout the building.

The cooling capacity of 500 kW is provided by two R290 air-cooled fluid chillers. This case history demonstrates how, even for such a high cooling requirement, propane is a practical alternative to high GWP refrigerants. With more than 350 installations across Europe, Euroklimat’s team of technicians has over a decade of experience in design and construction of R290 fluid chillers and they are always available to share their expertise.

Huayi Compressor Barcelona | R290 compressor range for small light commercial applications by Vicente Guilabert Hernandez

Huayi Compressor Barcelona S.L. has a long consolidated history designing, manufacturing and selling compressors for the light commercial refrigeration market using hydrocarbons as the refrigerant gas. In 2016, Huayi Compressor Barcelona S.L. launched the smaller B and L ranges starting from 2.2 cc and able to work with R290 in LBP and HMBP applications.

The case of study will demonstrate the benefits of using the smallest R290 compressor in a very small can cooler as a replacement for the previous R134a system. There are several associated benefits that will be shown in the case study.

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By Andreea-Mădălina Târcă

Jun 19, 2017, 16:10

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