New GEA hydrocarbon compressors coming soon

By Charlotte McLaughlin, Mar 21, 2017, 11:15 1 minute reading

The GEA Bock HG56, a six-cylinder series compressor, can be used in chillers with R290 and R1270 hydrocarbon refrigerants.

In a sign of growing demand for natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R solutions, Michael Nagler, business development manager for CO2 applications, told that GEA plans to formally launch the six-cylinder HG56 series in April for use in propane (R290) and propylene (R1270) chillers.

The semi-hermetic product range offered by GEA is a low-cost compressor variant specifically for use with hydrocarbons. The compressor features a special oil charge and motor protection that can be supplied separately for an external installation (e.g. in the switch cabinet). 

Hydrocarbon chillers – fixtures in the supermarkets of the future? 

Nagler sees growing opportunities for hydrocarbons in European supermarkets. “Many OEMs are using this technology and so far, we know we have sold more than 135 such compressors in Germany for chillers,” he said at EuroShop.

Chillers can be used to refrigerate supermarkets. Belgian retailer Colruyt, for example, uses the Futron system – with GEA compressors – in some of its stores already.

Less than 40 kW of cooling power will be propane [and] more than this will probably CO2."
- Michael Nagler, GEA

Nagler believes some retailers are using this solution because propane performs particularly well on a smaller scale. “Less than 40 kW of cooling power will be propane,” he predicted.

“More than this will probably be CO2 in the future,” he concluded.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Mar 21, 2017, 11:15

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