ALDI Nord to fit 10 propane heat pumps

Viessmann has produced, in cooperation with the Essen-based discount chain, a sustainable energy system – the ‘ESyCool green’ for heating and cooling.

'ESyCool green', launched at EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Germany

In cooperation with discount supermarket chain ALDI Nord, Viessmann has produced a propane-based energy system – the ‘ESyCool green’ – to heat and cool 10 of the discount retailer’s stores.

Launched at EuroShop

"We are delighted that the ALDI Nord Group is using our holistic ESyCool concept to achieve more climate and environmental protection," said Dr. Frank Schmidt, Head of the Refrigeration Systems Division at Viessmann.

Launched at EuroShop 2017, the ‘ESyCool greenis a highly efficient energy system that controls and optimises the flows of energy in a supermarket. ‘ESyCool green’operates based on heat pumps in combination with optimised refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms, as well as an integrated ice energy storage unit and photovoltaic system.

Viessmann first fitted the system – based on natural refrigerant propane – in 2015 in an Aldi Nord store. Over a 12-month test period, the health and safety and energy efficiency of the entire installation was measured. After recording significant energy savings, the firm fitted two newly built ALDI Nord stores in Schleswig-Holstein with the ESyCool system in late 2016 and early 2017.

Aldi Nord making greater use of natural refrigerants

Christian Fleck, managing director of the ALDI regional subsidiary in Scharbeutz, said: "Part of our modernisation process is making our stores more energy-efficient and sustainable. To do this, we are making greater use of environmentally friendly and natural refrigerants.”

“We want to significantly increase our in-store usage of energy generated through our photovoltaic panels and cold/warm power packs and ensure the panels are in tune with our needs," Fleck said.

Through comprehensive use of the ESyCool concept, we are helping to make retail a climate-neutral environment."
– Rayk Mende, ALDI Nord

Energy savings of 15% compared to conventional refrigeration systems

ALDI Nord is investing significantly in efficient cooling and heating using heat pumps.

"Through comprehensive use of the ESyCool concept, we are helping to make retail a climate-neutral environment", said Rayk Mende, head of corporate responsibility for the ALDI Nord Group.

Based on the promising results 10 ALDI Nord stores will be fitted with the innovative cold-warm air system.

For a supermarket operator, this means energy savings of around 15% and a significant reduction of lifecycle costs in comparison with conventional refrigeration systems.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Mar 09, 2017, 13:30

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