GEA looks forward to ‘creating your success’ at Chillventa 2016.

As our preview coverage of new natural refrigerant products at Chillventa 2016 continues, today the spotlight falls on GEA, one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other sectors, including compressors and heat pumps for ammonia and CO2 refrigeration.

Three new and updated products cover different types of compressor – and also heat pumps. Chillventa counts among the world’s premier trade shows for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump technology.

The new RedAstrum heat pump

GEA’s RedAstrum is a new range of standardised ammonia heat pumps designed for indoor installation. With this system, the refrigerant ammonia remains in the machine room. The distribution of heat to the user takes place via a water circuit, extending the heat pump’s application range.

The RedAstrum supplies heat between 55 and 80°C, making it ideal for industrial applications – like heating water for industrial processes. It can also be used in nearby or remote district heating networks.

It also contains GEA’s speed-controlled screw compressors that contribute to low power consumption and part-load conditions as well as a high COP.

The heat exchangers have been proven to be highly efficient at transferring the heat.

‘Sustainable compressor’ series for natural refrigerants

The GEA Bock HG series is for subcritical and transcritical CO2 applications, as well as for a range of hydrocarbon (HC) applications.

GEA’s range of compressors for CO2 now includes a displacement of 6.2 to 38.2 m³/h (at 50 Hz), with two, four, or six cylinders. The features of these compressors include a broad frequency band for minimal part-load requirements and a slight oil carryover.

The semi-hermetic six -cylinder piston compressors HG46 CO2 T, for example, are currently the largest of their kind for transcritical CO2 applications and offer long-standing field experience. In addition to displacement up to 38.2 m³/h, the HG46 CO2 T is also impressive owing to its outstanding coefficient of performance (COP). The efficiency of transcritical GEA CO2 compressors has been confirmed by ASERCOM certification for a number of compressor models.

The HC range has a displacement of 5.4 to 279.8 m³/h. The GEA Bock HG56e HC series, with three models, covers the range of displacements from 73.8 to 100.4 m³/h. HC compressors for applications with hydrocarbons are available in an extensive displacement range, including ATEX applications, Zone 1 and Zone 2.

You can see these new products and more from GEA at hall 7, booths 306 and 504 at Chillventa 2016.

By Charlotte McLaughlin

Sep 23, 2016, 09:35

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