Growing use of CO2 and hydrocarbons in light commercial refrigeration continues to freeze out HFCs

By Elke Milner, Sep 22, 2015, 15:36 3 minute reading

The use of natural refrigerants in light commercial refrigeration applications is on the rise in North America.

There are currently more than 291,000 natural refrigerant-based light commercial units in North America, with more than 181,000 units using hydrocarbons and 109,000 employing CO2. shecco’s previous market report on North America in 2013 noted that the number was closer to 5,000 units, signifying a dramatic increase in adoption of natural refrigerants in a mere two years, with Mexico’s light commercial sector proving one of the most prosperous.
Policy and consumers brands provide the push for natural refrigerants
According to shecco’s commercial availability map which was developed with the insights of industry experts, natural refrigerant solutions for light commercial refrigeration applications are set to become fully commercially available by 2017, and are already considered semi-commercially available. Furthermore, CO2 and hydrocarbons are expected to become the industry standard for light commercial cooling in North America by 2030.
The GUIDE found that the major drivers for the increased adoption of natural refrigerant solutions in light commercial refrigeration applications are approvals for natural refrigerant alternatives, delisting of high GWP refrigerants and increased emphasis on energy efficiency. A recent market report predicts that the U.S. Department of Energy’s evolving efficiency standards will further drive the market adoption of CO2 and hydrocarbons in light commercial refrigeration. 
Voluntary end user agreements, such as Refrigerants, Naturally! have driven the adoption as member companies Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Red Bull and Unilever have committed to using natural refrigerants in their point-of-sale units. 
We have found that this technology is the best solution for both us and for
our accounts. As early adopters of this technology, we have seen a significant decrease in energy usage. Less harm to the planet while increasing profit to
our accounts’ business is clearly a win/win. our hope is that as our use of this technology grows, the overall light-commercial refrigeration market will convert with us. Hydrocarbon coolers are not the future; they are by far some of the most premium products on the market now." Paige Dunn, Head of CSR and Sustainability, Red Bull
I am confident that CO2 is the future, for our applications at least. CO2 is the only technology that has the safety, coverage, performance and cost we are looking for. We made the right bet." Antoine Azar, Global Program Directory, The Coca-Cola Company
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About the GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in North America – State of the Industry 2015
Published by Brussels-based market accelerator shecco, the GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in North America – State of the Industry 2015 is a comprehensive market report that aims to provide an update on the very latest market, policy and technology developments in the realm of natural refrigerants in North America. 
An essential reference tool for those working with the natural refrigerants carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HCs), ammonia (NH3), water (H2O) and air, the GUIDE update enables readers to keep pace with changes in the fast-moving natural refrigerant market and keep their competitive edge by identifying opportunities early on.


By Elke Milner

Sep 22, 2015, 15:36

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