Hoshizaki shines bright with its new gems – the Emerald Class ice makers

By Justina Tamasiunaite, Aug 27, 2015, 14:24 3 minute reading

Hoshizaki’s Emerald Class product line is a range of new ice making machines using the latest R290 natural refrigerant technology, marking the next important step for the company as it supports the sustainable future of ice making equipment and design.

Hoshizaki recently launched its new Emerald Class ice makers, which combine excellent performance, environmental consciousness and high energy efficiency. With the introduction of these new models, Hoshizaki emphasises its commitment to protect the environment while enabling companies to cut costs and achieve greater energy efficiency.
“The power of the Emerald crystal symbolises hope, new life and the power of nature’s constant renewal. The dynamic green color represents our commitment to Environmental Preservation”, Hoshizaki explains regarding the meaning behind its new trademark. 
Making more ice than HFC models with less energy
All of the Emerald Class ice makers use R290 gas (propane), the naturally occurring hydrocarbon that is one of the most environmentally friendly, non-toxic and cost-efficient refrigerants used for cooling, freezing and heating, with a low global warming potential (GWP) (< 5). The low charges of the R290 refrigerant also permit smaller heat exchangers and piping dimensions.
The new Emerald product range includes Cube, Flake and Nugget ice making machines and have the capacity to produce ice from 22 kg to 340 kg every 24 hours (depending on the model). Compared to machines that use hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) refrigerants, some of the Emerald ice makers can produce a greater quantity of ice and all are substantially more energy efficient. 
For example, the IM-21CNE-HC (the smallest Emerald model) is capable of producing up to 6 kg more of ice per day when compared with its older model which still uses HFC, thus achieving energy savings of 31.82%.
The IM-240ANE-HC, its bigger sibling, has even more impressive capabilities, being able to save up to 41.5% of energy compared to the equivalent HFC model. 
Smart technology provides effortless operation
The Emerald Class ice making machines are electronically controlled and can be adjusted remotely without any physical interaction.
The IM range  uses an exclusive ice making system with an automatic rinse cycle. The water tank drains and fills up with water after every new batch of ice.  To prevent any leakage, the system also has a magnetic water pump without direct coupling.
To reduce the number of points where impurities can enter the ice making process, the machines have a secure water circuit that prevents contamination.
The air filters can be easily cleaned by the end-users carrying regular cleaning schedules. This prolongs life expectancy of the machines and reduces maintenance costs.
The FM range has the most efficient ice making process due to the unique auger system.  The water consumption is equal to the ice production, which means no water is wasted. The FM condenser utilises carbon bearings and does not require oil or grease, which eliminates the risk of oil leakage and keeps the high level of hygiene intact.
Emerald Class: Award-winning ice making technology
Last year, the first Hoshizaki hydrocarbon ice cube machine from the Emerald Class line (the IM-240ANE-HC) won the ‘Catering Equipment of the Year 2014’ award for the best ‘Beverage Equipment and Ice Machines’.
Available models:
IM range (ice-cube makers):
FM range (flake and nugget makers):
Future models:
IM-45NE – HC-25
About Hoshizaki
Hoshizaki is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial ice equipment and employs over 10,000 people worldwide. The company is also the world’s second largest manufacturer of commercial refrigerated food service equipment with sales of nearly $2 billion servicing customers in 60 nations.


By Justina Tamasiunaite

Aug 27, 2015, 14:24

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