AHR exhibitors see considerable growth in hydrocarbons in North America in last 24 months

By Elke Milner, Feb 19, 2015, 14:35 1 minute reading

Companies showcasing hydrocarbons products and services at the Expo expressed optimism and excitement for the growing hydrocarbons market in North America.

hydrocarbons21.com journalists on site at the AHR Expo 2015 in Chicago, Illinois, had the opportunity to meet and speak with a number of exhibitors working with natural-refrigerant-based solutions for the North American HVAC&R industry. The team interviewed some key market players, who proved excited by the amount of traffic at AHR Expo and optimistic about the future of hydrocarbons in the North American market based on the share of business they’ve received in the last two years.
Self contained hydrocarbons system expected to bring new opportunities for end users
Douglas Schmidt, Commercial Sales Manager for Embraco presented the company’s new self contained, sealed system using R290, allowing end users to apply the product directly to a display cabinet. 

Galileo TP working to keep up with N. American market demand for HCs
Galileo TP introduced their new hydrocarbons charging station at AHR Expo 2015. Craig Roy, North American Sales Manager, discussed the increasing market demand for hydrocarbons in North America.
Ultra environmentally friendly vending machine
Anthony Carstensen, Director of Product Marketing, Tecumseh, talked about the company’s ultra environmentally friendly vending machine using R290 as the refrigerant and run entirely by solar power.
Mini chiller specially designed for convenience stores
Tecumseh also presented a concept condensing unit using R290 and a secondary loop of either water or a mixture of water and glycol specifically designed for convenience stores. The mini chiller is highly efficient with a low refrigerant charge.


By Elke Milner

Feb 19, 2015, 14:35

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