Tecumseh, exclusive AJ2 compressor launch at Chillventa 2014

By Silvia Scaldaferri, Nov 13, 2014, 11:54 2 minute reading

Tecumseh Products Company, a global industry leader in compressors and condensing units, debuted at Chillventa its new AJ2 series compressor suitable for hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 (propane) in commercial refrigeration applications. Tecumseh has had European manufacturing operations for 60 years. + VIDEO

The next generation AJ compressor, the AJ2 series, was “star of the show” at the Tecumseh booth during Chillventa 2014 held last month in Nuremberg, Germany. Tecumseh had an impactful presence at the international event, with an increased focus on hydrocarbon products and concepts including air and water cooled condensing units and, chillers using propane (R290), which the manufacturer is seeking customer feedback for.

AJ2, optimised for hydrocarbons for best efficiency

The new AJ2 series, which is comprised of 23 different models, is optimised for propane (R290) to deliver best efficiency, a refrigerant choice increasingly accepted in commercial refrigeration applications worldwide. Common applications for the Aj2 include self-contained display cases, walk-in cold rooms, ice machines and reach-in refrigerators/freezers.

In a press conference held at Chillventa 2014, Keith Gifford, the Global Director of Marketing for Tecumseh stated,
Hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 is the preferred choice by Tecumseh… it can deliver 10%-45% improvement in efficiency compared to R134a.”

Featuring the patented Te-Connect

One of the key features of the AJ2 compressor series is the patented Te-Connect, a plug and play wiring connector requiring fewer components and providing safe and easy installation.

Bill Merritt, Global VP of Sales and Marketing commented,

The Te-Connect brings more innovation to the product. It delivers an easy snap-on connection and virtual eliminates wiring mistakes.”

Other product features and advantages of the AJ2 include:

  • Improved efficiency thanks to a redesigned valve plate and refrigerant gas handling design
  • Redesigned housing, more compact and lower height (max. 268 mm)
  • Redesigned suction/discharge muffler system resulting in a lower sound level
  • Cooling capacity between 628 to 827 W in LBP (EN12900 rating conditions) at 50 Hz, using R290
  • Easy installation and serviceability, with over 20 million AJ compressors currently in operation

The AJ2 pre-series compressor will begin on 2015 for OEM market. The AJ2 compressor and condensing unit range will be available in 2015 for Distribution market.

Packaging configurations according to customer needs

Tecumseh AJ2 compressors are available in a Single Pack with all relative components including the Te-Connect and, in a Multi-Pack with up to 32 compressors per pallet and in different model configurations.

About Tecumseh

Founded in 1934, Tecumseh Products Company found its way to become an industry leader in developing and manufacturing hermetic compressors, condensing units and systems, for use in residential and commercial refrigeration and, air conditioning applications. Tecumseh has been producing hydrocarbon compressors (R290 and R600a) for more than 12 years, mostly in France and Brazil, and today its product portfolio includes more than 150 eco-friendly compressor models, such as the AE2 and AJ2 series compressors.



By Silvia Scaldaferri

Nov 13, 2014, 11:54

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