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By Elke Milner, Aug 06, 2014, 17:35 3 minute reading

As the HVAC&R business and policy climate evolves, accurate market data on the use of alternative refrigerants in different applications is needed in order for companies to position themselves in such a way as to seize market opportunities.  Through its GUIDEs series, market development company shecco has become a key source of this data. The newest of the company’s GUIDEs will be a GUIDE North America and a GUIDE China, for which the company is looking for input to create commerc

shecco is drafting two new GUIDE publications: the "GUIDE North America 2014: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential" (an update to the 2013 edition) and the "GUIDE China 2014: Natural Refrigerants – Market Trends & Potential in China" (a first ever market overview of natural refrigerants in China). These latest publications will include maps depicting the numbers of light commercial refrigeration installations using natural refrigerants, which will complement the popular CO2 supermarket maps featured in other GUIDEs. 
The use of hydrocarbons and CO2 as natural refrigerants in light commercial applications is picking up speed around the world as leading companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, PepsiCo and The Coca Cola Company commit to environmentally friendly refrigeration practices by investing in low global warming potential (GWP) non ozone depleting potential (ODP) refrigerant gases. 
In addition, new policies have made the use of hydrocarbons in light commercial applications less complicated in the US than even just a year ago. As system and component suppliers as well as technicians realise this, more and more companies are providing systems and training to ensure the safe application of these natural solutions. 
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In the 2014 European GUIDE and 2013 North American GUIDE, shecco calculated that there were:
  • Over 4000 bottle coolers and ice cream cabinets using CO2 and hydrocarbons in North America
  • 1,650,000 bottle coolers and 1,050,000 ice cream freezers using hydrocarbons and CO2 in Europe
To find out how these numbers have evolved in Canada, Mexico and the US and what the situation looks like is China, readers are invited to send in their latest information on R290, R600a and CO2 light commercial installations in these four countries and help shecco provide easily accessible tools to provide industry stakeholders (people like you!) with an accurate snapshot of the refrigeration markets in North America and China.
To have your data included in the upcoming publication, please send relevant information to
About the GUIDEs
The "GUIDE North America 2014: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential", to be published later this year, is an update of the 2013 GUIDE North America, an easy-to-access and free guide for industry stakeholders that will provide the latest market and policy trends and developments for natural refrigerants in the North American market. This new edition will have a special focus on the industrial, commercial and light commercial sectors, end-user interviews, improved supermarket maps and an up-to-date business directory.
The "GUIDE China 2014: Natural Refrigerants – Market Trends & Potential in China" will be a first-ever market guide for natural refrigerants in China, published later this year in conjunction with the China Association of Refrigeration (CAR) and will be freely available in both English and Chinese. The GUIDE will identify market trends, business opportunities, policy drivers and outline suitable applications for natural refrigerants in the country’s heating, cooling and refrigeration sectors.
About shecco
shecco is a market development expert helping companies worldwide to bring their climate friendly solutions faster to the market. shecco’s primary focus is to facilitate the market uptake of natural refrigerant based heating and cooling solutions.


By Elke Milner

Aug 06, 2014, 17:35

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