Hydrocarbon fridges and freezers for HORECA sector top “Best Products of Europe” list

By Janaina Topley Lira, May 15, 2014, 17:27 3 minute reading

The latest generation of professional refrigerators and freezers for banqueting, kitchen and catering equipment, used by hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars (HORECA sector), use natural gases such as cyclopentane and propane, which are both ozone and climate friendly. hydrocarbons21.com looks at those products using R290 and R600a listed among the best products in the market for energy efficiency, according to topten.eu.

100% of the products listed in the topten.eu’s Professional Refrigerator category, which evaluates appliances in the categories of energy efficiency, impact on the environment, health and quality, use hydrocarbons. 
According to the Electrolux Ecoguide for choosing your professional refrigerator: “Hydrocarbons”(HC) reduce the environmental impact and produce a less aggressive effect on the components of the refrigerator. The results are a longer life of the compressor, lower maintenance costs and cost savings.”  
Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of these environmentally products, which are helping to green the HORECA sector. 

Ice cream and supermarket freezers
  • AHT ice cream freezers: Rio H 68 S and Rio H 100 S both use R290 as the refrigerant and use 620 and 675 kWh/ year respectively
  • AHT supermarket freezers: Macao 145 (U), Miami Eco 210, Paris 185, and Paris 250 all use the refrigerant R290, and use between 2,117 to 2,738 kWh/year
Beverage Coolers
  • Rhino: Milan 600H, Monaco 900H, Oslo 1350H all us the refrigerant 600a and use 453 and 493 kWh/ year respectively
  • Liebherr: FKvsl 4113, BCD4313 use the refrigerant 600a and use 944 and 975 kWh/year respectively
Storage counter refrigerators and freezers
  • Gram: Compact K210 RG refrugerator uses the refrigerant 600a and uses 279 kWh/ year and the Compact F201 LG freezer uses the refrigerant R600a and uses 772 kWh/ year
  • Liebherr: FKUv 1610 uses the refrigerant R600a and uses 360 kWh/ year
  • Desmon: PTGM4, PTGM3, and PTGM2 all use the refrigerant R290 and use between 675 to 621kWh/year
  • Indel: K40 ECOsmart, K35 ECOsmart, K60 ECOsmart, use the refrigerant R600a and use 44, 44, and 47 kWh/ year respectively.
Storage refrigerators
  • Gram Plus K range (single door): Superior Plus K72G, Eco Plus K70G use refrigerant R600a and use 280 and 288 kWh / years respectively. The Plus K 600 RSG, Plus K 660 LSG, model use R290 as the refrigerant and use 432, 609,
  • Gram Twin K and Euro ranges (single door): Twin K 660 LSG and Twin K 660 LSG use R290 as the refrigerant and use 535 and 580 kWh / year respectively. The Euro K 500 LSG also uses R290 as the refrigerant and uses 587 kWh/year.
  • Gram Midi range (single door): Midi K 625 LSG, Midi K 425 LSG, use R290 as the refrigerant and use 438 and 428 kWh / year respectively.
  • Gram Compact range (single door): Compact K 410 LG, Compact K 610 RG, use R600a as the refrigerant, and use 414 and 623 kWh/ year respectively.
  • Porkka (single door): Inventus CX7, Inventus C7 use refrigerant R290 and use 288 and 357 kWh /year
  • Foster: EcoPro EP700H, uses refrigerant R290 and uses 543 kWh/year
  • Liebherr GKPv range (single door): GKPv 6590 and GKPv 6570 use R290 as the refrigerant and use 571 and 716 kWh/year respectively
  • Liebherr GKv range (single door): GKv 5710, GKv 5730, and GKv 5410 use R600a as the refrigerant 726, 729, and 837 kWh/ year respectively
  • Liebherr GKPv (double door): GKPv 1470 uses R290 as the refrigerant and uses 1,241 kWh/year.
  • Electrolux (single door): Ecostore Premium 727310 and Ecostore Touch 727298 use refrigerant R290 and use 571 and 581 kWh/ year respectively.
  • Electrolux professional (double door): Ecostore Touch 727304 and Ecostore Premiums models 727320 and 727322 use refrigerant R290 and use 1,153, 1,452 and 1,545 kWh/ year respectively.
  • Desmon IPGM range (single door): IPGM7, PGM7, IPGM7G, use refrigerant R290 and use 621, 621 and 730 kWh respectively
  • Desmon PGM and PG2M ranges (double door): PGM14, PGM14G, and PG2M use R290 as the refrigerant and use 730, 913, 1,241 kWh respectively.


By Janaina Topley Lira

May 15, 2014, 17:27

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