Ultra low temperature freezers with 100% natural HC blends at BIOtech 2013, Japan

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BIOtech 2013 in Japan, 13th International Bio Technology Exhibition & Conference, brought together over 10,000 attendees over the course of three days. 600 exhibitors presented their biotechnology products and latest research developments. hydrocarbons21.com attended the event to explore this rapidly growing industry, meet suppliers using hydrocarbon refrigerants and identify new opportunities for natural refrigerants in this emerging market. +PHOTOS

Organised by Reed Exhibitions Japan, BIOtech 2013 attracted 600 exhibitors and 10,362 visitors between 8 and 10 May. The BIOtech trade show brought together major companies and experts within the biotechnology, biomedicine and pharmaceutical world to present and discover latest industry developments.

hydrocarbons21.com talked to suppliers of low and ultra low temperature freezers using refrigerants ranging from 100% HC blend refrigerants to HC blends with synthetic additives achieving negative temperatures as low as -90°C. Although scientific laboratories preserving various bio-materials have been identified as the main market for low temperature freezers, these are also used in preserving food, in particular fish products.

Low temperature HC freezer supplier at BIOtech 2013

Japanese manufacturer Kanou Reiki exhibited several models of its low temperature freezers using hydrocarbon blend refrigerants. The OF series of freezers for temperatures that reach -60°C, available in capacity ranging from 130 to 480 litres, is a popular solution for sushi restaurants storing tuna at very low temperature. The -60°C freezers use an HC blended refrigerant consisting of isobutane and ethylene or isobutane and ethane.

The main market for low temperature freezers are, according Kanou Reiki’s CEO Seiji Kanou, laboratories working with biomaterials. For this highly specialiced market Kanou provides freezers reaching temperatures of -80°C and -85°C with capacities from 65 to 365 litres. Kanou Reiki, Attending the BIOtech trade show for first time, the company exhibited three models of its LAB series of ultra low temperature freezers using natural blend refrigerants consisting of isobutane, ethylene and methane.

Other manufacturers looking into natural solutions

Korean manufacturer Hankook Freezers (HKF) showed its HKFCryo upright ultra low temperature freezers at the booth of Daihan Scientific and Tohtech, a distributor of HKF freezers in Japan. hydrocarbons21.com talked to president of HKF, Hye Hyun Chung who has been involved in researching refrigerants for low temperature applications for several years. According to Chung, although natural refrigerants in HFK freezers are his goal, it is still difficult to reach ultra low temperatures with 100% natural refrigerants – however, this will, in his opinion, change in next 2-3 years with progress in the development of high efficiency heat exchangers and other key components.

Among other companies exhibiting freezers for the biotech industry were Fukushima Kogyo and Tomy (Digital biology). Although their exhibited products used HFC refrigerants, both companies are looking into natural refrigerants on a R&D level and understand the importance of reducing the carbon footprint of their products in future. When it comes to the refrigerant used, Kanou Reiki with its 100% natural HC blend refrigerant freezers seems to have a technology edge over its competitors. Biotechnology is yet another growing market where natural refrigerant solutions will have their day in the sun.

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By R744.com Past Member

May 17, 2013, 10:20

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