Hydrocarbon product innovations showcased at 2013 China Refrigeration Expo

By Janaina Topley Lira, Apr 16, 2013, 11:43 3 minute reading

At the 2013 China Refrigeration Exhibition in Shanghai, several major manufacturers showcased their HC compressors, refrigerants and air conditioners. From extremely small compressors for household refrigeration, and new R290 compressors for air-conditioning and heat pumps, to a range of HC charging stations, the expo saw a range of innovative solutions for the domestic and overseas markets. hydrocarbons21.com provides you with an overview of hydrocarbon solutions on display this year.

The 2013 China Refrigeration Exhibition, one of the most important HVAC&R shows in Asia-Pacific region was taking place in Shanghai, from 8 to 10 April, 2013. This year the exhibition attracted 1146 exhibitors from all over the world to exhibit latest products and technologies. In terms of hydrocarbon products, leading manufacturers and suppliers in the Chinese market are updating their technologies or extending product ranges to meet the market’s requirement. Many companies confirmed that hydrocarbons are clearly accepted as an alternative technology with great potential in the manufacturing of domestic refrigerators and air conditioners.
SECOP: SECOP, the German compressor manufacturer showcased its series of R290 and R600a compressors at the booth. The innovative XV R600a received an Innovation Award for its extremely small and light size challenging current industry standards. SECOP claims that cooling capacity is 20% higher than for conventional R600a compressors at very low noise levels. The new model has an adaptable capacity for various applications. 
Danfoss: Global compressor supplier Danfoss featured its new Scroll HHN: 4-13 kW compressor for R290. The extended operating envelope ranges down to -30°C in air-to-water applications. It achieves higher efficiency without vapour injection. 
Shanghai HIGHLY: Shanghai HIGHLY Group Co., Ltd. is one of largest compressor manufacturers in China. At this year’s exhibition, the company presented it's A,D,G, L, H series R290 compressor models. The cooling capacity of HIGHLY’s R290 compressor is between 700w and 4700w. The compressor is used for dehumidifiers, heat pump water heaters and room air conditioners. Chinese current standards on flammable refrigerants have slowed down the adoption of R290 solutions for the domestic market. 
EMBRACO: the Brazilian compressor manufacturer presented its 2nd Generation R290 compressor and R600a compressor at the booth. Its new generation R290 compressor is specially designed for light-commercial applications mainly for horizontal and vertical freezers in supermarket. The company has a factory in China for its compressor production.
Godrej & Boyce: The Indian AC manufacturer Godrej & Boyce showcased its split and window-type R290 air-conditioners (ACs) at this year’s UNEP Ozone2Climate Technology Road Show. The 5-star Godrej 1.5 T split type R290 air conditioner can save up to 20% energy compared to the current top-of-line 5-star models across brands. 
Galileo TP: The Italian company displayed the Habilis K CO2 and Frigus K hydrocarbon refrigerant charging units at the expo. In the Chinese market, currently many large manufacturers are using the HC charging unit. 
Yueon: Shandong Yueon is one of the main hydrocarbon refrigerant suppliers in the Chinese market. The company presented their R290, R600a and R1270 refrigerants at the expo. 
GREE and Midea: At this year’s UNEP Ozone2Climate Technology Road Show, leading Chinese system suppliers GREE and Midea showcased their R290 air conditioner. However, in the Chinese market currently, neither of them has started real production of R290 AC. 
Qianjiang: The Chinese compressor manufacturer Hangzhou Quianjiang presented its hydrocarbon compressors using R600a and R290. The company supplies hydrocarbon compressors to manufacturers of refrigerators, freezers and household appliances in China. It offers R600a compressors for ice-making machines, liquor cabinets, freezers, display cabinets, vending machines, and other small to large-sized applications. 
Kulthorn: Kultnorn is a Thai manufacturer and seller of reciprocating type compressors for refrigeration products. The company showcased its C-BH Series R600a compressors at the booth.
Castel: Italian manufacturer Castel displayed its products for hydrocarbon systems.



By Janaina Topley Lira

Apr 16, 2013, 11:43

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