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By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 27, 2012, 00:00 2 minute reading

Today, a new version of the leading news platform for hydrocarbon HVAC&R goes online: a new design, a new community of hc experts and a gateway to the global natural refrigerant community. User-friendlyness, graphics and navigation have all been revamped to improve the daily use of the website to our 3,000+ readers, but even more to help bring hydrocarbon refrigeration faster to market.

"I am proud today to announce that we are re-launching Besides cutting-edge news and enhanced product visibility for our partners, we are launching today the world's first online community for hydrocarbon refrigeration experts. Apart from being a dedicated platform for hydrocarbon experts, you will also be able to network with experts from the sister websites and," says Marc Chasserot, founder and editor-in-chief of hydrocarbons has been a leading news platform on hydrocarbons for HVAC&R applications worldwide since 2009. Over the last 3 years, we have been constantly updating our readers on industry and policy developments, reporting from all major events with relevance to natural refrigerants. Over this period and especially since last December 2011 when SNAP approval was given to hydrocarbons in the U.S. market, the market has moved on - so has

Today, a profoundly revamped version of goes live. The new platform still puts a strong emphasis on news and products, but also offers the first global community dedicated to hydrocarbon refrigeration, integrating the most useful 2.0 web features.

Community features community members have access to many new features, amongst which:
  • Community activities: this is the page where you will see all the on-going activity of the community members, some kind of community "wall". There you can also share thoughts, links, news on hydrocarbons.
  • Inbox: your own hydrocarbons inbox to connect and interact with other community members and send direct requests to leader companies in hydrocarbon refrigeration
  • Forum: a forum to discuss the various applications of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons news, policy etc.
  • Noticeboard: the section where you can post and view opportunities related to the hydrocarbon heating and refrigeration section such as career, training, search for partners, funding, calls for papers...

First global community on natural refrigerant fluids

The community is a gateway to the first global platform uniting over 10,000 experts in the field of natural refrigerants. Indeed, your profile offers you the possibility to equally access the and communities. To do so, just chose in your profile to connect to the sister websites. Consequently, you can choose for all information and content that you want to share whether it should appear only on hydrocarbons or on the other platforms as well.

Feeling lost in the first global online natural refrigeration community? Please do not hesitate to contact our community coordinators, Sabine and Aurélie, if you require some help or have wishes and suggestions. We are also looking forward to your feedback and will do our best to accommodate for the needs of the international natural refrigerant community.


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 27, 2012, 00:00

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