Danfoss: Compressors for Tropical Conditions

By Sabine Lobnig, Jul 16, 2009, 09:27 2 minute reading

The energy-optimised compressor series from Danfoss is especially designed for less stable supply voltage and tropical conditions. The …KTK series using R600a is reliable and efficient even under high ambient temperatures or large voltage fluctuations and therefore perfectly suitable for regions with more critical operating conditions. 

Building on many years of experience with hydrocarbon refrigeration systems, the Danish-based company is now adding the …KTK compressor series to the hydrocarbons21.com database. Thanks to the optimisation of the motor, pump and gas flow, the compressors are even more efficient and quiet. The compressor series has been particularly designed for critical operation conditions, such as high ambient temperatures up to 43 °C or 110 °F. Even heavy under voltages due to less stable power supply in general can be handled easily by offering the well-known Danfoss quality, high efficiency and cost optimisation.

Applications for the Danfoss’ …KTK compressor series are mainly household refrigerators and freezers, while the 115 V 60 Hz types also can be used in bottle coolers and similar shop equipment.

The products

Concretely, Danfoss has added the following products to the hydrocarbons21.com products database:


NLE11KTK / NLE13KTK – 115 V and 60 Hz
  • Evaporating temperature range LBP: -35 to -10 °C /-30 to 10 °F
  • Evaporating temperature range MBP: -18 to 7.2 °C / 0 to 45/40 °F
  • Voltage range: 95 – 135 V / 60 Hz
  • Displacement: 11.15 cm³ / 13.25 cm³
  • Motor size: 265 W

NLE9KTK, NLE11KTK, NLE15KTK, NLE15KTK.2 - 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Evaporating temperature range: -35 to -10 °C
  • Voltage range 50 Hz: 187 – 254 V
  • Displacement: 8.35 – 14.65 cm³
  • Motor size: 140 – 234 W


  • Evaporating temperature range: -35 to -10 °C
  • Voltage range 50 Hz: 187 – 254 V
  • Displacement: 3.86 – 7.76 cm³
  • Motor size: 80 – 120 W

About Danfoss

The Danfoss group is one of the largest industrial companies in Denmark, with its business activities divided into three main areas: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heating & Water and Motion Controls. Its Refrigeration and Air Conditioning division employs around 9,000 staff worldwide and is specialized on automatic controls, compressors and electronic controls & sensors for hydrocarbon refrigerants. 


By Sabine Lobnig

Jul 16, 2009, 09:27

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