Danfoss UFO compressors: A quest for +10% energy efficiency

By Sabine Lobnig, Apr 22, 2009, 10:49 2 minute reading

When looking for further efficiency improvements in their already market-leading R600a compressor range for domestic applications, Danfoss faced substantial technical challenges. However, within just a few months, the “Ultra Fast Optimization” (UFO) models were put on the market as the most energy-efficient models available. Soon, Danfoss will present its UFO range on hydrocarbons21.com.

When Danfoss decided in August 2003 to aim for another 10% optimisation of energy consumption for their compressors used in domestic refrigerators, the engineering team had a clear goal in mind: the new compressor range should support new high-efficient A++ appliances at lowest noise levels. Both goals – energy efficiency and noise reduction – however, had to be achieved in just 7 months when the new pilot production was set to start to follow the fast pace of change in the industry. The nickname UFO for “Ultra Fast Optimisation” was a natural choice and has been kept until today.

“Throwing the rule book away again”

When trying to find the best way on how optimise its already class-leading NLX compressor range and further reduce energy consumption, Danfoss decided to not build on the existing product but start from new. In the following process, the compressor manufacturer faced several technical challenges and one in particular: the oil flowing through the new muffler of the UFO model was not behaving in an optimal way. After spending some time in the laboratory the necessary modifications were made and it became obvious that only moving the outside connectors would deliver the results needed – a modification that once again changed the production process.

The result was a product range that outperformed the best in class models available at that time on the market by a significant share, as confirmed in official CECOMAF and ASHRAE tests. With a COP of up to 1.89 at -23.3°C/54.4°C, the six models comprising the UFO range were around 10% better than Danfoss’ own NLX-KK models. Today, the models for 220-240V 50 Hz operation are an optimised solution for Low Back Pressure applications, with the evaporating temperature ranging from -10 to -35°C, and the maximum condensing temperature being at 60°C. Although Danfoss is facing strong competition from other market players, the manufacturer is investing in constant further development to keep on offering the most efficient compressor range available.

Soon, the global supplier will showcase its UFO product range on hydrocarbons21.com.


By Sabine Lobnig

Apr 22, 2009, 10:49

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